East West Rail

Moving things on for a new railway

Brand strategy | Brand identity | Digital campaigns | Web design | Print design | Animation

We were commissioned by the Department for Transport to evolve the brand identity of East West Rail, the third biggest infrastructure project in the UK that will connect Oxford through to Cambridge. The region is known for excellence and innovation in business, science and education. It already makes a significant contribution to the national economy and brand Britain. But without continued investment, the area will fall behind. As well as connecting people and communities across the region, the new line intersects with all major lines going North-South to help the area thrive and continue its contribution.

Supporting 1 million new homes, the brand is positioned against HS2 to focus on the benefits for the region and communities. Our task was to evolve the existing identity concept into an identity system that would work across touchpoints, creating rules, adding new assets, defining art direction and putting together extensive brand guidelines.

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