Portrait a Day 2021

A beautiful collection of portraits and stories

Editorial Design | Print Design

Portrait A Day 2021 is a project by photographer Rory Langdon-Down, who set out to document a year like no other by focussing on honesty, positivity and authentic connection. These 365 portraits, and the dialogue that surrounds them, reveal the story of this unique year. One that comprised of lockdowns, vaccinations, freedoms returning, delayed events, love, loss and all the many stories that make us human. This limited 365 copies coffee table book features all 365 portraits from the project and over 40,000 words detailing the year through the stories of the people featured.

Our creative approach was to treat the book as an archive piece and apply a design treatment to suit this curation of such unique photography and human encounters.

Cast one’s mind back to the hazy, optimistic summer between lockdowns, or see what people were up to nearer to Christmas; this book actively invites and encourages recall. End papers subtly feature people’s names, wrapping up the book by celebrating its characters as a further thank you to the varied contributors

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